Belting Out Broadway

Date 26th May 2012
Society Clitheroe Parish Church Amateur Operatic & Dramatic Society
Venue St Marys Centre, Clitheroe
Type of Production Concert/Revue
Director David Hulme & Lindsay Pollard
Musical Director David Hulme & Chris Andrews


Author: Pete Astbury

Choreographer: Lindsay Pollard

I do like review style shows as there’s usually something to cater for every taste and this show was no exception. This was my first visit to Clitheroe & in fact it more resembled a Mediterranean resort on this particular day with temperatures in the high 70’s even into the evening, so what was a rather warm experience for the audience, must have been even harder on the cast. The set and lighting were simple but effective and a fitting backdrop to a great night’s entertainment.
Despite the heat, the performance of all the numbers in this collection was full of energy and enthusiasm and I was sorry that the performance had to end! There were some issues with the sound, particularly during the first act which made the vocal on some solo’s hard to hear and a bit muffled, which was a shame as all the performances were great. I think that the mixture of old, new and revival shows was just right and to see every age group represented in the cast was great to see! It would take me forever if I were to make comment about every single performance, suffice to say that there were no weak links and every solo and ensemble piece was excellent.
Having said that, I do feel the need to single out one or two performances which I felt were above and beyond! The whole cast was on stage for ‘Radio Gaga’ from We Will Rock You. The choreography was great but the sound from the full ensemble was awesome, and the timing in the movement was spot on! I also liked Kane Taylor’s performance of ‘These Are the Days of our Lives’ – a very mature and well delivered vocal for someone so young. The choreography in ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ was superb and executed perfectly by the girls, well done!
‘America’ from West Side was also a hit, very well presented – ‘The Quintet’ went a little out on the timing, but altogether was a good performance (I know how hard that particular piece is with Bernstein’s constantly shifting time signatures!)
Act two provided what for me was one of the highlights of the show, my favourite song from my favourite current West End show – ‘For Good’ from Wicked – the song perfectly performed by Laura Cortney & Katie Cowburn tore at my heartstrings – well done girls. Bethany Clews delivery of ‘I Don’t Know How to Love Him’ was heartfelt & pitch perfect & David Hulme’s rendition of ‘This is the Moment’ brought the house down. ‘Cell Block Tango’ was another highlight for me – and the finale ‘One Day More’ was a powerful and fitting end to what was an excellent night’s entertainment.
David Hulme & Lindsay Pollard have done an excellent job with this production and David Hulme had obviously worked very hard with the cast as Musical Director – well done to everyone involved and I’m looking forward to my next visit to Clitheroe!