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Beauty and the Beast


16th January 2019


Little Eaton Players


Little Eaton Village Hall

Type of Production



Rachel Humphries


Julie Law


Author: Keith Scott-Savage

Bright and colourful, with some imaginative touches, making the most of a restrictive playing area, the Players yet again came up with a most entertaining pantomime, in Lea Holmes' adaption of the magical story.

Catherine Baker as Fiona the enchantress, was in great form as the show`s major baddie, and she was well supported by Gary Heap as the arrogant, preening Gaston.

In the title roles, Neve Smith was well cast, delivering a charming, classy performance as Beauty, and Nick Mothershaw was a most able beast, giving a sympathetic portrayal. The transformation scenes were slickly managed.  Other notable roles came from Lea Holmes as Frank, a likeable joker, along with Rachel Holmes as Snot Rag.  I particularly liked the cookery scene with David Jones as Dame Potty and Sue Kirkland as a comical Chip.  Philip Hadley as Maurice, Kat Adey as Albert, Jo Russell as Fairy Mary, and Laura Reeve as the Prince, completed the principal line-up, all with good effect.

A special mention to the enjoyable dance line-up, performers from a local dance school, all contributing to a good evening.