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Be My Baby


22nd November 2017


Poulton Drama


Poulton Little Theatre

Type of Production



Stephanie Heney


Author: Eddie Regan



Amanda Whittington successfully writes plays concerning many aspects of lives and interaction between characters. This play set in St Saviour”s Church of England mother and baby home in 1964, is really well written and gives the audience “ much food for thought”. It depicts a piece of social history, when attitudes, hopes, fears and laws of the land are highlighted.            Stephanie Heney, Director, has assembled a talented cast, who illustrated the plight of unmarried mothers in the 1960s.        The stark setting of the interior of “ the home” did nothing to alleviate the fears of the young girls having to deal with the physical and mental traumas they had to suffer. I saw a Production of this piece many years ago at The Soho Theatre with Joanne Froggatt of Downton Abbey fame and I was so impressed and this Production was just as enjoyable. 

All on stage gave excellent performances so I am reluctant to single anyone out but I particularly enjoyed those of Sarah Vallantine, Queenie and Nina Langley as Mary. The scenes involving them both were very emotive.         The set design, lighting and props were just what were required to create the relevant atmosphere and 1960’s music used brought back many happy memories.       I found it hard not to sing along!!!!Diction and pace were excellent and it was pleasing to see that Poulton Drama continue to provide entertainment of a very high standard.      I am so pleased that attitudes have changed, for the better, regarding the plight of those who find themselves in the same predicament as those portrayed this evening.

Congratulations to all involved tonight and thank you for the warm welcome to my wife and myself.