Anything Goes (Revised)

Date 17th November 2012
Society South Moor Musical Theatre Group
Venue Lamplight Theatre, Stanley
Type of Production Musical
Director Joan Oldfield
Musical Director Ian Hall
Choreographer Joan Oldfield


Author: Michelle Coulson

Having just recently seen the “Beaumont” version of this musical I was very surprised at the number of differences between that and this revised version. Although the madcap onboard antics which see nightclub singer Reno Sweeney and Public Enemy No 13 Moonface Martin aid stowaway Billy Crocker in his quest to win the love of heiress Hope Harcourt are the same, some of the musical numbers and the libretto are very different.
Lindsay Kellegher as “Reno Sweeney” was every inch the star. She not only looked amazing but also gave a convincing portrayal, never letting her accent or character falter. Nick Goddard gave an excellent portrayal of “Moonface Martin”. He can deliver the sarcasm and wit required of such a character with aplomb, and Andrew Howe as “Billy Crocker” was endearing and assured in his performance. He provided a superb character contrast to Ian Mordue as “Sir Evelyn Oakleigh”. Ian was the perfect English gentleman and as usual gave a flawless performance. Holly McElhone (Hope Harcourt) and Rexine Perry (Bonnie) gave good solid performances and provided first rate support to their respective partners. The mature character roles were in the capable hands of Jim Arden (Elisha J Whitney) and Valerie Barnes (Mrs Harcourt) and minor principal roles were all well portrayed. A special mention to Reno’s “Angels”, they sang and danced well and certainly looked the part, all of the girls having the correct period wigs adding to the authenticity of their look. The choreography was interesting to watch, and played to the ability and strengths of the company. The chorus provided good support, singing and moving well.
The revolving set ensured that the scene changes were smoothly executed, the costumes were good, and the production sound quality was very good.
The entire company looked like they were having a great time, and this certainly flowed into your audience. Congratulations to Joan, Ian and everyone involved.