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Anybody for Murder?


16th November 2018


Wellingborough Technical Players


The Studio, Wellingborough Castle Theatre

Type of Production



Debbie Draycott


Author: Luke Campbell

Anyone for Murder by Brian Clemens and Dennis Spooner is not so much of a “who did it”, but a “who did not do it”. The story unfolds on a solitary Greek Island. And what
unfolds on this island is plot after plot to kill poor little Janet; I think just about everyone in the cast joins in at some point in either trying to kill her or covering up
her death, but to little success. If I am honest, I did not enjoy the script – I found it very predictable and quite slow paced. But I can look past limited writing (which is
nothing to do with the Society or actors) and congratulate the cast on what was an outstanding interpretation of the script, and it is their interpretation that I did very
much enjoy.
Debbie Draycott directed the show, and she should be congratulated on creating a very smooth and slick production. Her direction was of a very high standard. The
stage blocking was excellent, superb use was made of the small but creative set and she had clearly brought out the best in her cast from a characterisation perspective.
Debbie - you can be very proud of what has been achieved.
The small cast of six were outstanding – for me, you all gave performances of equal worth and value. It was the great work of the cast, which made the script work and
the evening enjoyable. The characterisation was brilliant, the connections and relationships both strong and believable, and stagecraft excellent. You were truly all
wonderful – you have my warmest of congratulations.
The set, which was designed and constructed by Shaun and June Johnson and Kevin French was very good – I thought the attention to detail outstanding and was
very impressed that you managed to create two levels in such a small production space. Well done! I must congratulate Elizabeth Griggs for her work on properties –
your work was excellent and added so much; in fact, it is something I always notice about a Wellingborough Technical Players production, that the props are of an
exceptionally high standard with real attention to detail being paid. This is so important and adds so much, I really appreciate it.
The lighting was simple, effective and all that was needed. Sound was excellent throughout.
I would like to congratulate all concerned on an excellent production of Anybody for Murder. I very much enjoyed your offering and could see how much you all enjoyed
performing to the packed studio theatre. It is always enjoyable for me to see the familiar faces of Richard, Hannah and Ann whom I have seen perform in a number of
roles across the county – they never disappoint.
Thank you for the hospitality shown to my guest and I, and I look forward to seeing your next production.