An Evening of One Act Plays

Date 20th September 2013
Society Horncastle Theatre Company
Venue Lion Theatre, Horncastle
Type of Production two plays
Director Chris Liversidge and Chris Byrne


Author: Anne Key-Huckerby

I must admit I really enjoy an evening like this. The two plays selected were very different and both were equally enjoyable. The first, The Rose and Crown by J B Priestley, was set in a small pub in 1946. Fairly soon we were introduced to half a dozen customers. These were vastly different characters from a taciturn business man to a happy-go-lucky chap, along with a rather glum woman suffering from various ailments, a young married couple and an old woman. The latter was played extremely well by Ann Wayne. An extremely sinister chap then joined the drinkers and his presence caused much mayhem leading to a most unusual conclusion. The set was simple with a few tables and chairs and the bar [seen from the bar-tender's viewpoint] in front of black drapes. The lighting was particularly dramatic.

In contrast, the second play was a most amusing comedy. Anthony Booth's None the Wiser revealed the living room of Stonegate Convent complete with five nuns. It was soon apparent that the black habitswere a cover-up for their sinful lives as accomplished thieves. The ladies were dismayed when two more nuns asked to stay a while at the convent. These were Sisters Angela and Rose, played by Lorna Low and Tommy Peckham! After several days trying to hide the true situation these two decided to join forces with the the original group. The final moments of this funny play were even more hilarious. The set was delightful and the costumes were very suitable.

A most entertaining evening.