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Always A Bridesmaid


1st February 2018


The Livingston Players (SCIO)


Brian Duguid Auditorium, Howden Centre, Livingston

Type of Production



Gill Sullivan


Author: Elizabeth Donald

Put four friends together who promised as students to be at each other’s weddings still honouring that oath 30 years later with more weddings along with a manic hotel manageress and you have a recipe for fun and laughter. Comic moments abounded, from the opening speech of niece Kari to the off key singing of Libby Ruth ironing part of her dress, to the numerous marriages of Monette, to Charlie’s panic attack of actually marrying, to Deedra’s wedding punch up and to Sedalia calmly coming to break down the toilet door with an axe. The strong cast of six ladies had great rapport and were all comfortable using space and props for effect. The fun worked because of their grasp of character, their comic timing and well paced dialogue. Suzanne Smail as Libby Ruth caught the romantic believer and fixer of marriage, Lynne Hurst as Monette pinned down the part as the self centred, vivacious female who tests her friends to the limit with her various marriages, Louise Fairlie connected as a loyal and supportive Charlie unwilling to take the wedding plunge  and carrying off the moments hiding from Sedalia, and Alison Carcas as Deedra cracked the hard-nosed legal beaver, revealing devastation at the break up of her long marriage then utter delight at her ex-husband and husband-to -be having a punch up over her. Judith Hutchinson makes her own the role of hotel manager who copes with all sorts of bridal hitches at the expense of her own sanity. Chiara Loia as Kari carried off the role of a bride becoming tipsy and dispensing advice. Costumes played their part with numerous bridesmaid dresses, revenge in making them wear outfits from past weddings and the wonderful ‘sophisticated’ ones turning out to be a variety of French dresses which led to the funniest situation in the play. The room set resonated opulent hotel and was beautifully dressed, its settee central to the action. The changes of flowers and other props to indicate different times were well executed and at the side, the wedding reception table with the cake was a constant motif for the drama. This production was a real hoot.