Allo Allo

Date 29th August 2022
Society Wallasey Musical Theatre Company
Venue Mosslands School
Type of Production comedy
Director Matt Harvey
Stage Manager Lisa Jones
Props Lisa Jones
Producer Matt Harvey
Written By Jeremy LLoyd & David Croft


Author: Joanne Rymer

Allo Allo

Wallasey Theatre Company

Mosslands School



Allo Allo!! Is a perennial wartime farce written by Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft based on their popular 1982 television sitcom, which is still in reruns on the BBC. A pantomime in all but name, but without the audience participation, which is what an audience intent on simple fun is looking for, and we were not disappointed.

The knockwurst, the Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies, the ridiculous British airmen, the pantomime villain Herr Flick of the Gestapo, the camp Lieutenant Gruber and, of course, Rene Artois and the crew , they're all here.

From the moment the curtain opened, the set immediately took us into Renee’s café. Naturally, my first thought was to glance and see from where the airmen (Fran Anyon-Daisy Candish) might appear!! From behind the bar of course! Every member of cast was true to their characters and, yes, occasionally the accents waivered, but nothing that spoiled my enjoyment.

There was effective casting, especially with John Jones capturing the languid, laissez-faire attitude of Rene that we all recall from Gorden Kaye's original TV performance. Likewise, Sarah Kay Gibson proved a hilarious Edith, everything from her look and atrocious singing voice was crafted perfectly and a joy to watch. This was an excellent performance and a highlight of the evening for me.

But it was a strong cast generally I particularly enjoyed Antony Holden’s, Colonel, Matt Harvey’s Gruber, Chris Pacitti’s Her Flick and James Bennett’s Crabtree. But the remainder of the cast all caught the essence of their characters well.

Yvette, Mimi and Michelle played by Caireen Candish, Millie Ricardi Harvey, and Sue Marsden were hilarious. I think most of us were waiting for the heavily rolled R’s when pronouncing Renee and you didn’t disappoint. Also the unforgettable phase from Michelle,’ Listen I will say this only Once’ priceless. I loved the chemistry between Her Flick and Helga, played by Antonia Ferguson a great performance from a relative newcomer to WTC.

Helen Parson, as Leclerc a character historically played by a male, well done it was spot on. Enthusiastic performances from, General Schmelling played by Steve Dale, the Italian Bertorelli, played by Johnathan Harvey, whose characterisation was great, the interaction with Helga at the cinema was so funny.

Huge congratulations to all involved including the wardrobe and makeup. Matt Harvey, many congratulations to you. Directing all those cast around that stage was not easy, but you made it look like it was. Well Done.

It is fun to be reminded of how much talent is to be found far from the commercial theatrical and how enjoyable it is to be among theatregoers who, like the performers, simply want to have a good time.

This was a lovely production and any comedy is best judged by the reaction of the audience, and tonight there was laughter throughout and applause following each scene. There can be no better gauge to judge a show on.

Thank you for a very entertaining evening, it was a blast. I hope to see you all again soon.

Joanne Rymer


District 4