All Shook Up

Date 22nd November 2017
Society Petersfield Theatre Group
Venue Petersfield Festival Hall
Type of Production Musical
Director & Musical Staging John-Paul McCrohon
Musical Director Darren Alderton
Choreographer Charlotte Turnbull


Author: Kay Rowan

The evening’s performance of All Shook Up began with an energy and pace that was prevalent throughout the entire production by every cast and crew member.  It is a tale of mistaken identity and romance inspired by “Twelfth Night” and other Shakespearian comedies.  It is full of many iconic Presley songs but set in a small mid-west town in America in the 1950s.  It’s the story of a small-town girl with big dreams and the motorcycle-riding stud she falls for.  With the audience on side from the very beginning, this promised to be a very enjoyable evening.

Ross Cobbold, as guitar-playing roustabout Chad, had all the hip swivelling moves and the voice to go with them! He anchored the show with confidence and humour. Charlotte Turnbull, who had stepped in to play Natalie, the grease-monkey, two days earlier, was thoroughly convincing.  (If we hadn’t been told we would not have realised she had stepped in at the last moment.  Well done Charlotte.)  Dennis was played by Ewan Wharton with comedic flounces and some of the best lines in the show – well delivered!  Emma Twist was beautiful and sophisticated as museum curator.  Kerry McCrohon as Sylvia, was suitably mature and a bit cynical. Her daughter Lorraine (Georgie Gardner-Cliff) and boyfriend Dean (Ethan Emery) were well cast as a couple and sang well together.  Michelle Magorian took the role of Matilda the Mayor – her every expression displaying disapproval of anyone having fun!  George Stephenson as Earl, followed Matilda around like a puppy but was not allowed to express an opinion – that changed in the finale!.

The stage manager’s team did an excellent job managing the numerous scene changes with great style and together with sound and light truly enhanced the work the cast had done in rehearsal.

Of course, in the end, everyone realised who they really loved and was paired off successfully! An excellent choice of show for this talented group. The chorus did a great job with lively and enthusiastic dancing and singing.  The MD ably led his band from the keyboard and  Charlotte’s choreography was dynamic and suitably 60s with plenty of rock ‘n roll.

The production was of a very high standard and the performance was very pleasurable to watch.  The audience were certainly most appreciative and many left humming those very memorable tunes for which Elvis was so famous.