All In Good Time

Date 2nd October 2014
Society Retford Little Theatre
Venue Retford Little Theatre
Type of Production play
Director Simon Cox


Author: Anne Key-Huckerby

The set for this Bill Naughton comedy was truly a work of art showing not only the Fittons' front room and Arthur Fitton's bedroom above, but also Uncle Fred's garden and the outside of a local cinema.I liked the incidental music between scenes and both the lighting and sound effects added much to the play.The action began on Arthur's wedding day day to Violet. Unlike the rest of his working class family and Violet's parents, Arthur was a real bookworm who was desperate to better himself. To add to his inner turmoil Arthur and Violet were not able to consummate their marriage for six whole weeks. Alex Nicol and Amy Wiles played the young couple extremely well. You really felt for them. Frank Stamp was matchless as Ezra Fitton, Arthur's father. His facial expressions spoke volumes as did his demeanour. Joan Young, as Lucy, Arthur's mother had some pithy one-liners which were most amusing, and Deej Mitchell was very convincing as Geoffrey, Arthur's brother. Donnamarie Stamp and Ted Williams were well cast as Violet's parents. I liked Bill Scott's cameo as Uncle Fred while Nick Clayton and Susan Wiles did well as Joe and Molly Thompson. There was a lot of worthy comedy in this play; albeit some was of a rather dark type. The audience lapped it up. Congratulations to all concerned.