Alice In Wonderland

Date 10th August 2013
Society Washington Theatre Group
Venue Washington Arts Centre
Type of Production Play
Director Sarah Tetchner


Author: Gwyneth Hunter

There was no doubt at all which production was we were about to see, for on stage were four large pieces of beautifully painted scenery, two giant playing cards, a disappearing spiral tunnel and an enormous gold pocket watch. As the production unfolded, the attention to detail became even more evident. The costumes were excellent and made the cast look as if they had just stepped out of a story book.

Props were minimal and in many places cast members, dressed in black, created doors, tables, chairs etc. which allowed the production to flow. All the actors were very well disciplined and many performed as two or three characters. Emma Rodham, as Alice, had a prodigious memory, which was just as well as she was hardly off stage. She looked the part and created a lovely warm character that linked well with everyone in the story. Paul Agar was a great, stressed out White Rabbit, while Matthew Lowe, as The Mad Hatter, and Nigel Judson, as The March Hare, were equally wacky. I loved Angela Marshall as the sleepy Dormouse, she was just so cute.

The Director, Sarah Tetchner, also played The Queen of Hearts and was a formidable character, dominating the stage each time she appeared. Also showing off his many talents was John Seymour who wrote the adaptation, played The King of Hearts and Tweedledum, and was a member of the chorus all of which he did very well.
This was a smashing performance, well done everyone. See you in January.