Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

Date 13th December 2019
Society The Florians Dramatic Society
Venue Florians Theatre, Inverness
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Ria Devey
Musical Director Julia de Meillon
Choreographer Fiona McDonald


Author: Douglas J Clark, Regional Rep

For their seasonal offering this year The Florians whisked the audience from a driech winter’s evening to the warmth of Old Baghdad. Eileen Barr was an elegant Scheherazade the Storyteller leading us through the twists and turns of the Arabian Nights tale. Lisa Senior was a strong Ali Baba with a lovely smile and twinkling eyes, equally matched by Kayleidh MacAskill as his fiancé Safiya. Jason Hasson played the dame Mum Baba with just the right amount of flirtation and sauciness. Darren McMillan as Ali’s hen-pecked brother Cassim and Fiona McDonald as his money-grabbing wife Sharon were well matched. Cassim’s change of attitude after his “resurrection” had the audience roaring with laughter. David Saunders made a swaggering Sheikh Mustafa Leikh, the robber band’s leader – it was no wonder Mum Baba couldn’t keep her hands off him in Act 2! Brian Howlett and Aimee Ironside as his side-kicks Yessah and Nossah made a delightful comic pairing. Liam & Ben Hasson as Kamil, Ali’s cute pet camel, brought a smile to everyone’s faces at his every appearance. Strong support was given by Heather-Jane Davidson (Huma), Ian Shearer (Fab Rick the Tailor/ Loonah), Jimmy McNaughton (Moonah) and Carla Kelly (Noonah). The singing and movement, to music from Abba to Gypsy to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, by principals and chorus of citizens, servants and thieves alike were well performed.  Thank you Florians for a most enjoyable evening.