Aladdin and the Lost Christmas

Date 18th December 2016
Society Milton Keynes Amateur Operatic Society
Venue Stantonbury Campus
Type of Production Pantomime
Director John Dowell
Musical Director James Clark
Choreographer Juliet Ratnage


Author: Jenny Chandler

'Sold Out' notices were already in place some weeks prior to opening night for MKAOS' annual pantomime, Aladdin and the Lost Christmas'. This surely speaks volumes for the special place that the Dreams 'n Wishes Company is now held locally. These shows stay true to the tradition of panto but often with a quirky twist.

This year the dastardly Abanazer was not only trying to make himself all powerful but wanted to steal Christmas too - what a rotter!!

Once again the well-rehearsed company caught the audience's attention from the off. Each actor played his/her role well and made that role believable in true panto style. Steve Clark had an immediate impact as the villainous Abanazer with Leanne Lindsey White as his protagonist-in-chief, the scatty but endearing Spirit of the Ring. She was later ably supported by a dramatic genie (a telling debut performance by Marc Hopkins). Emma Belam and Amy Hansford made a charming couple as Aladdin and Princess Jasmine. An extra-special gold star should go to Amy who took over the role at very short notice - you were foot and word perfect - very well done!

The main comedy role was, as ever, masterfully handled by John Dowell as Widow Twankey, ably supported by Joshua Thompson as Wishee Washee with Juliet Ratnage and Annette Cowell completing the comedy corner as Hoo and Mii, the two dim policemen.

There was little to criticise in this show - every aspect was good  - bright lights, bright costumes, good sets, good sound all accompanied by lively music. Possibly the finale could have been just a bit shorter.

The ever-present proscenium arch too really helps to frame the on-stage action placing it truly in the magic land of pantomime. A very efficient backstage crew ensured that everything ran without a hitch.

As with all good pantomimes the audience was completely involved. They laughed, booed and cheered in equal measure. Surely everyone must have left the theatre with just that extra bit of Christmas sparkle in their step.

Well done everyone on yet another first class show.