Date 27th November 2019
Society Thomson-Leng Musical Society
Venue Gardyne Theatre, Dundee
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Donna Bell
Musical Director Billy Muir
Choreographer Jenni Main & Donna Reilly


Author: Roger D. Buist

This was the first of the festive pantomimes and we were transported to the Far East to meet Aladdin, and all the magical wonders, which go with this much-loved tale. All the successful panto elements were on show in this production – stupid gags, magic, colourful costumes, tuneful songs, goodies and baddies, but, a break with traditional panto - for gone was the thigh-slapping, “leggy” Principal Boy, Aladdin, for he was now played by talented young lad Andrew Watson and, as his zany sister, Wishee Washee, this was now played by a girl, Karla Geekie. A sign of the times (?) but it all worked out perfectly well. Andrew was a happy-go-lucky and likeable Aladdin, determined to find fame and fortune, whilst Karla had all the necessary attributes as the fall guy (girl?) as the daft, stupid Wishee. Congrats to both. Running about as daft as a brush was Thomas Richmond, enjoying his role of panto dame, in an outrageous manner as the scourge of Pekin, but making himself loved by all in the audience. His Washin’ Machine comic song was tremendously funny and the scene, after he wrongly drinks the love potion and falls in love with the evil Abanazar, was another gleesome moment! Abanazar, (Ewan Phillip) commonly called throughout as “ava banana!”, drew all the boos and groans for being the nasty of nasties! Poor man! The love interest was provided by Terri Milne, as Princess Jasmine, and she was a loveable and likeable person, whilst Nick Brown blustered around as the Emperor – and looked a dead ringer for the Emperor Ming! His chaotic police force came in the shape of Sergeant Ping (Zac Brownlow) and PC Pong (Kelsie Boland), who supplied the knockabout comedy, as did the adorable Nobby the Panda, played perfectly by Josh Horne. The magic element had powerful Jude Vandecasteele as an American accented Genie of the Lamp, and the Genie(s) of the Ring (you got two for the price one!) were delightfully played by Georgina Middleton and Leia Reilly. There were lots to look at – the Flying Carpet, simple and effective, Chinese Dragon, Chorus Line Girls in feathers and sequins, and lots of work for the exuberant chorus with lots of dance routines. Yes, it was all perfect for the lead up to Christmas!