Date 12th January 2013
Society Chrysanthemums Pantomimes
Venue Floral Pavilion New Brighton
Type of Production Pantomine
Director Julie Delaney
Musical Director Norman Scott
Choreographer Emma Johnson


Author: Budge Grounsell

For someone in their 90’s  THE CHRYSANTHEMUMS  are still very much alive and kicking if the show I saw last Saturday night is an example. This is pantomime at it’s traditional best and  provides an excellent opportunity for youngsters as young as six or seven and maybe younger  to “tread the boards”  for the first time.  The Mayor and I were reminiscing about when we were in the society and it’s amazing how many people you meet who will tell you proudly that they were members and what shows they were in.  Right from the start when Abanazar made his appearance the audience entered into the spirit of the show. Abanazar (Phil Gilroy) revelled in his.

Villainy and what a nasty laugh he produced.   Cue music and our first  introduction to Bud, Petals Blossoms and Blooms whose dancing and singing was a strong feature throughout the  show and Peri (Victoria Delaney) a young lady who has come up through the ranks to play leading parts. Aladdin would not be Aladdin without the Chinese policeman (Jed Flowerday and Graham Leigh) and they showed their considerable experience and expertise in delivering their parts.  Jenna Watkins as the Empress was indeed formidable especially when keeping the bumbling Emperor (Christopher Lee Power) in his place. We didn’t hear Genna sing very much but when we did she demonstrated her singing skills which many will have heard and enjoyed before. Pekoe and So Shy, (Steph Hatton and  Rose James) made their mark as the hopeful lovers.

Terry Davies (Twankey) showed himself to be an excellent dame and produced plenty of laughs in the traditional manner though if I had one small crtiicsism it would be that some of the jokes were a little strong and aimed more at the adults than the younger members of the audience.   The laundry scene was well done and he was strongly supported by Wishie Washee (Luke Bennett)  the younger son  not addicted to work.

Of course No1 son is the Eponymous hero of the plot;  played very convincingly  by Charlotte Delaney and  “he” and  the Princess (Jessica Leigh) got the best from their roles.  Nick Molloy as the genie brought a different slant to the role and plenty of laughs accompanied his entrances. His alter ego the slave of the ringNadia McGoverin  made the most of her first principal role.

The Chrysanths have always had a strong production team and this was evident in this production. Director Julie Delaney and  and Co-Producer / Director Graham Leigh, Choreographer Emma Johnson and Musical Director Norman Scott (50 years in the role) and Choral Coach Sarah Jackson all did a great job and the costume team dressed their players exceptionally. I have not mentioned all the members of the team but their contribution is none the less for that.. well done everybody.