Acorn Antiques

Date 17th October 2015
Society Dinnington Operatic Society
Venue The Lyric Theatre, Dinnington
Type of Production Musical
Director Ashley Booker
Musical Director Jonathan Wilby
Choreographer Jaqui Lowe


Author: Les Smith

~~Anyone who did not go to The Lyric Theatre in Dinnington this week to see Acorn Antiques missed a treat, from start to finish the audience laughed, sang along and clapped through over two hours of pure entertainment.
There was not one weak link in this production and I doubt very much there would be many, if any, dry eyes in the audience, the whole show was a delight to watch right from the start with all the performers playing their respective characters with ease.
From the opening number or “Pre-Scene” during which we were initially entertained by scantily clad ladies right through to the closing number “Oh, Oh, Oh Mrs O” it was a delight to watch. The action takes place in the shop known as Acorn Antiques and here we met Miss Babs played perfectly by Samantha Smedley never faltering in either her accent or character, Miss Babs was of course joined by her sister in this piece Miss Berta played by Gail Cobb. These two bounced off each other and gave us the show we all love with wrong entrances, wrong phone rings and all the ingredients to make us laugh. Miss Berta is of course madly in love with Mr Clifford who is suffering from amnesia and doesn’t realise they are actually engaged to be married. Steve Ball in this part was magic capturing the exact character required for this part.
Anyone who has seen this TV show will of course know the much loved Mrs Overall character, well here we had the exact double of the part Julie Walters had created. Fiona Mikulik was more than perfect in this role being able to keep her “Brummie” accent and her stooped stature up through every minute of the show much to the delight of the entire audience, this was especially enjoyable in her number “Shagarama” during which there were some very strange “acts” performed on stage, I will leave it to your, the reader’s, imagination as to what these “acts” were!
There were far too many excellent parts in this show to mention them all but I must mention the parts of Mimi and Hugh played by Courtney Smith and Scott Walker, again these two excelled in their parts as the two delinquents, they were so good I am sure there would be many in the audience who wanted to shake them to try to make them “get a grip” which they do in the second half of the show.
As I said at the start of my review this was over two hours of pure entertainment which was received and enjoyed by everyone, many congratulations to all involved in this brilliant show.