According to Rumour

Date 11th May 2018
Society Alnwick Theatre Club
Venue Alnwick Playhouse
Type of Production Play
Director Helen Gee-Graham


Author: Kathryn Curry

Once again we were treated to a superb evening of drama from Alnwick Theatre Club in their production of ‘According to Rumour’ a farce with all the elements of comedy. Divorce, unexplained cash, police and other unwanted visitors all added up to mystery, confusion and mayhem in this very slick production which was extremely well cast.

Huge amounts of dialogue, word perfect was delivered from the cast and with good comic timing this play had us in stitches from beginning to end. Newcomers Andrew Fletcher ‘Carter’, Emily Deck ‘Emma’ and Carolyn Thomson ‘Kitty Kat’ all gave stalwart performances. Andrew is a seasoned performer and a competent actor and delivered the persona of his character to perfection. He was extremely well supported by Emily and Carolyn who had obviously worked hard to develop their roles in the play. Julie Vint also gave a performance to be proud of.

Paul Turtleman as ‘Roger’ was superb and delivered his lines in such an excellent drool way that he quickly established himself on stage and drew us into the plot with ease but left us chuckling each time he spoke. Peter Biggers as ‘Ashely’ was simply hilarious. Peter is a tremendous character actor and this part was made for him and he milked it to the full and showed what a super natural comedian he is on stage. Throughout the whole play the dynamic Susan Joyce as ‘The Twins Maxine and Martine’ was on and off from all entrances, in all costumes, playing two characters with ease and comic timing second to none.

A simple but effective set, a good costume plot and excellent lighting and sound all enhanced this production.

Alnwick Theatre Club certainly deserve praise for bringing to life through this superb production the story of recent divorcee ‘Carter’ waking up after a night he will never remember to find an unexplained stash of cash and an un wanted visit from his family, the local policeman and anyone else who felt like dropping by. They certainly gave us a wonderful evening of entertainment with 24 hours in the life of ‘Carter’  which was kept us on our toes guessing  who did what in mystery, confusion and mayhem. Well done to all involved an evening farce long to be remembered.