A View From The Bridge

Date 12th September 2018
Society The Florians Dramatic Society
Venue Florians Theatre, Inverness
Type of Production Play
Director Jo Galloway


Author: Douglas J Clark, Regional Rep

This production of Arthur Miller’s 1950’s Greek tragedy genre play was in complete contrast to the group’s previous production of “The Vicar of Dibley” showcasing the company’s breadth of talent and versatility. The play, set in an Italian-American neighbourhood near the Brooklyn Bridge, tells the story of Eddie Carbone’s growing obsession for his wife’s orphaned niece Catherine who the couple have brought up and the consequences it has for the family. Trevor Nicol as Eddie was outstanding, portraying the character’s struggles with the gamut of emotions from protective father–like figure to jealous lover, which had the audience’s feelings for him changing from sympathy to revulsion as the story progressed. Alison Ozog as Catherine, the object of Eddie’s obsession, gave a stellar performance as the teenage girl on the brink of womanhood, torn between loyalty to the man she thought of as her father and her wish for independence and her love for the illegal immigrant Rodolpho. Caroline MacPherson gave a very strong performance as Beatrice, Eddie’s long-suffering wife trying to be a loyal wife to the troubled Eddie whilst being a protectress to the confused Catherine. Strong performances too were given by Matthias Kramer and Alasdair Davidson as the illegal immigrant brothers Marco and Rodolpho being secreted by the Carbone family. The contrast between the two brothers’ attitudes to life – Marco serious and hardworking and Rodolpho easy and fun loving – was well portrayed. Jon King as lawyer Alfieri, who was the narrator of the piece, also gave a good performance. The set designed by Allen Perrin for the small stage was compact but the delineation between the main areas of action – Alfieri’s Office, the Carbone’s apartment and the street outside of it – with the use of good lighting was clear. Congratulations to everyone involved for another excellent, and thought provoking, production.