A Regular Royal Invitation

Date 18th June 2022
Society Godalming Operatic Society
Venue Godalming Borough Hall
Type of Production Concert
Musical Director David Wright


Author: Kay Rowan

A Regular Royal Invitation – this was a compilation production that showcased some truly stirring and evocative British music of the highest calibre.  From the golden realms of Gilbert & Sullivan’s operettas, Pirates, Gondoliers, Patience & Iolanthe, to Edward German’s Merrie England,’  three pieces of Handel one ‘Let the Bright Seraphim’ from Samson plus ‘The Trumpet Shall Sound ‘ from the Messiah and the anthem  ‘Zadok the Priest’ which has been sung at every coronation since 973.

Whilst there was no need for scenery, just raised seating for the ensemble, the lighting was well managed with some sympathetic lighting when required.  The sepia backcloth gave a warm glow to the proceedings and the Union Flags in the auditorium gave a celebratory feel.

The ensemble were dressed in white and black, gentlemen sported red or blue bowties and the ladies had blue or red sashes round their folders.

The orchestra was superb - the tone, the balance and the volume were all spot on and they were very much in tune with the singers giving them very sympathetic accompaniment. Particular mention should be made of the beautiful trumpet playing by Will Spencer his control and artistry during “Let the Bright Seraphim” and “The Trumpet Shall Sound”, which are two particularly taxing pieces was awesome.

The singing was of a very high standard and demonstrated a great deal of concentration and ‘eyes on the conductor’.  All the principals were outstanding in their delivery, diction and interpretation. They were all well-schooled and coped with the limited space with apparent ease.

Godalming Operatic Society certainly pressed all the right buttons with this patriotic jubilee.  From beginning to end the audience were enthusiastic with their appreciation for all the thought and hard work that had gone in to make the evening such a success.  It is tempting to go through each principal and extol their virtues for indeed they all deserve such praise.  My companion and I felt very privileged to witness such a splendid evening of great British music performed so extremely well.

Thank you, Godalming Operatic Society, for a delightful evening.