A Night at the Oscars

Date 13th April 2019
Society Bath Light Operatic Group
Venue Roper Theatre, Bath
Type of Production Concert
Director David Baxter & Jill Kelly
Musical Director Matthew Finch
Choreographer David Baxter & Jill Kelly
Producer Nicholas Bartley


Author: Dee Way

This show comprised a number of solo and small group songs interspersed with company songs in the setting of 'Oscar' presentations and acceptance speeches in the background.  This was a creative way of presenting a variety of music in a cohesive fashion that worked well.

It seemed that the musical Director was largely responsible for putting this complication together, so it was no surprise that the production flowed really well musically from one song to another.  The musical accompaniment was supportive and varied.  The small sections of acting were just enough to join the songs without getting in the way, but also allowed the cast to reposition as necessary and to change character as required.

The direction and choreography were both very good and demonstrated just how disciplined the cast were in positioning, mood and movement.  The energy generated within each song was just right, too, with physical stance being key to the attitude contained in the songs.  However, it was the highly disciplined movement that really impressed me in this production, with a large cast all moving together and finding their places with accuracy and good timing.

To go through each song performance would get boring with the 'excellent' constantly repeated, so suffice it to say that all the performers did themselves proud. All the performances created the appropriate mood for the song and gave the sensitivity to the words and their expression that made communication with the audience easy and fulfilling.  It was nice to see some of the younger members of the cast stepping forward to take solo roles - this augers very well for the future of the group.

     This was a very good show, presented in a very creative way.  Congratulations to you all on another very good and creative production!