A Midsummer Night's Dream

Date 13th June 2015
Society The Florians Dramatic Society
Venue Florians Theatre, Inverness
Type of Production Play
Director John Claudius


Author: Douglas J Clark

This was the society’s first Shakespearean comedy and an excellent choice it proved to be. The large cast of twenty contained a good mix of experienced actors, who were able to use their talents to the full, and less experienced actors who were able to display their potential. The director had chosen to set the piece in the Edwardian era as was obvious from the excellent costuming – especially the elegant gowns of the ladies of the court of the Duke of Athens. The simple black set worked well. As the star-crossed lovers Hermia (Alison Ozog), Lysander (Graeme White), Helena (Fiona McDonald) and Demetrius (Andrew Gull) were well – matched and coped very well with the intricate Shakespearean dialogue – if anything the girls coming out just ahead of the boys. Trevor Nicol’s Bottom was outstanding - both as himself and as Pyramus in The Mechanicals tale. His facial expressions when transformed into the donkey had the audience in stitches. Also outstanding was Nicholas Nicol’s outrageously camp sprite Puck. Strong performances were given by Allan Holling (Oberon, King of the Fairies) and Christine Fletcher (Titania, Queen of the Fairies). Strong support was given by Leonard King (Theseus, Duke of Athens), Debbie McDonnell (Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons), Brian Howlett (Egeus, father of Hermia) and Stephen Vincent (Peter Quince, leader of The Mechanicals). Much laughter was raised by the performances of The Mechanicals – Benedict Donnelly (Flute/Thisbe), Gordon Taylor (Snout/Wall), Jimmy McNaughton (Starveling/Moonshine) and especially the mighty roar (?) of David Proudfoot (Snug/Lion). Also adding to the hilarity were the Queen’s fairy servants – Nina Gordon (Peaseblossom), Jo Galloway (Cobweb), Anne Bamborough (Moth) and Morag Thomson (Mustardseed). Congratulations to everyone involved with the production for a very enjoyable evening.