A Foot in the Door

Date 5th October 2018
Society Retford Little Theatre
Venue Retford LittleTheatre
Type of Production Play
Director Joan Young


Author: Liz William

A Foot in the Door is very humorous, although ironically,  the audience is laughing at the very desperate attempts of 3 sales personnel to clinch a much needed deal from a very shrewd ‘ sweet old lady ‘. The salespersons were played admirably by John Mitchell as Warren Wallis, Mark Thornton as Desmond Donahue & Sarah Woodwards as Jilly Jordan , each putting their own clever stamp on their individual role .

Samual Howe & Hayley Brook portrayed the slapstick amorous couple sneaking a moment of passion in other people’s houses, which in this case is that of the old lady, May Archer. This particular role performed by Ilene Pearson is mammoth with some very funny dialogue - hiding the fact that she is no man's fool - my favourite moments relating to the hearing aid & 'the cock at 4am'.

Ilene (who I hope will forgive me for saying that she is a lady of senior years) delivered her lines believably, first class and faultless .

The first act was fully suitable to set the overall scene , with pace & humour abounding in Act 2 . I particularly liked the reference to local towns and the audience clearly appreciated that too .

As always , the set for this play was splendid and of the highest quality & attention to detail . RLT are very blessed with a team of dedicated set builders who plan & execute a set to fully compliment the requirements of the play

A couple of additional points :

The use of sound from the TV I found rather distracting , although I was very close to it but special mention must be made of the timing of the music on the keyboard - excellent .

Direction and attention to detail from Joan ensured a thoroughly entertaining & enjoyable play .