A Flea In Her Ear

Date 23rd May 2013
Society Overton Dramatic Society
Venue St Mary's Hall, Overton
Type of Production Play
Director Paul Robinson & David McLaren


Author: Kay Rowan

A Flea in Her Ear is Georges Feydeau’s wild and hilarious comedy of mistaken identities, motives and actions. Raymonde, the wife of Chandebise, suspects him of having an affair. When she receives “evidence” of his infidelity, she decides to catch him in the act. As it turns out, Chandebise is a good and faithful husband. Raymonde’s plot backfires, leading to chaos. The entire cast ends up at a hotel that specializes in romantic tete-a-tetes, chasing each other through slamming doors or in beds that spin, seeing double, misunderstanding everything that’s going on, and getting thrashed by an insane Englishman while they’re at it. In the end, all confusion is laid to rest, and Chandebise and Raymonde promise to be better spouses to each other. 
This show gave the society the opportunity to involve a large number of their highly talented members.  The whole show moved at a fast pace and did not drag once - the intervals seemed to come around very quickly.  Whilst all members of the cast made significant contributions to the flow of the action praise must also be aimed at the crew who, firstly, created an innovative and original set and subsequently it was dressed so splendidly by the wardrobe department.  The directors very ably developed the timing and teamwork necessary to maintain the flow, particularly in the farce type scenes.  The resultant performance after all the hard work was a sizzling evening of entertainment with the audience exercising their laughter muscles a great deal.  Congratulations to all involved.