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A Doll's House


11th June 2019


Bonkers Theatrical


Bonkers Playhouse, Kettering

Type of Production



Lester Cooke


Author: Caroline Jervis

“A Doll’s House” is a play by Norwegian Henrik Ibsen and was first performed in Norway in December 1879. This production is in a new version by Simon Stephens. Although the play is one hundred and forty years old it is still quite relevant today. The plot in the beginning appears simple, but becomes ever more complex with its twists and surprises, some splashes of humour and some very dark moments; it is full of symbolism and gives a good insight into the life of a middle-class wife and mother of that era.

This is Lester Cooke’s first time directing for Bonkers Theatrical and I must say he has done an excellent job! The staging was perfect, the pace built at just the right speed and he clearly has a good understanding of the story and how it should be presented. The cast of seven were all remarkable and each built and sustained their characters throughout the play. Kathryn Rose was outstanding as Nora, going deep into her character to portray Nora’s “awakening”. James Wallace was excellent as Torvard and showed well the male dominance of that era. Jenny Wallace was excellent too as Kristine and managed to show her character to be a real “foil” for Nora. Another excellent performance came from Alan Galway as Dr Rank - he brought a lot of sensitivity and warmth to the role. Gordon Richie brilliantly played the role of Krogstad; his facial expressions showed how evil and vile his character was. Two very good and noteworthy performances came from Becky Woodham as Helene the maid and from Lynda Wilkin as Anna the nanny. Well done to you all!
The set for “A Doll’s House” was beautifully made and dressed and looked very authentic. The costumes were all very good and were all in keeping with the style of the era. The lighting and sound quality was excellent throughout the evening.
Congratulations to Bonkers Theatrical for what was a faultless opening night. This was a very enjoyable and thought-provoking production portrayed with great authenticity.
CAROLINE JERVIS                                                                                                                                     NODA EAST MIDLANDS DISTRICT 7 REPRESENTATIVE.