A Christmas Carol

Date 14th November 2014
Society Rainham Theatrical Society (RTS Ltd)
Venue Oast House Theatre Rainham
Type of Production Play
Director Kathy West
Choreographer Dexter Clift


Author: Gordon Harris

Tonight I was thoroughly entertained!! Kathy West you took the sometimes laboured "A Christmas Carol "And made it 'cool' !!. Intermingled with some great incidental music and some 'camp' choreography by Martin Pearce and Dexter Clift, who's "baby love" by the scroogettet's was hilarious...With such a big cast it would be difficult for me to give a mention all in this young talented cast..Its only the second time I have had to review the "ratlets" and I hope I get asked again,there is so much talent here in the Medway towns and it's good to see that we know when we have reached that time when we are not here,there will me some great talent to take our places.This production was so well put to together with topical jokes,songs and a workable set and props rounded off with a snow storm.I did say I wasn't going to mention individual performances BUT Dan Frank (Ebenezer Scrooge) has to be. This young man was superb in his characterisation, played with a tongue in cheek,and a grin that I felt he had a job to hold back,his acting and timing was perfect,his highs and lows were well executed. Also a special thank you must go out to Marin Pearce who stood in at the last minute as (Young Scrooge ) well done Marin..Good luck Ratlets with you run of A Christmas Carol it certainly entertained me.