A Christmas Carol

Date 6th November 2019
Society Act 1 Youth
Venue Hawick Town Hall
Type of Production Musical
Director Deborah Lyons
Musical Director James Letham
Choreographer Rachel Inglis


Author: Stewart Cameron

Act 1 Youth have only been in existence for a few years and each year they have set the bar higher as they gain experience. This year's production of A Christmas Carol goes to prove that when you make the effort you achieve success. Despite a few technical hitches on the opening night this was a well put together and slick running show. The obvious enjoyment from the whole cast transmitted to the audience who enjoyed the experience immensely.

You felt part of the show from the first step into the theatre with the open setting of The Royal Exchange in London. The chorus opening number was well put together and built up very well as the various individuals joined in. There are too many cast numbers to name them individually but suffice to say that every member was very good in the portrayal of their on stage characters. Having said that I must commend Ross Aitken as Scrooge. His portrayal was excellent and he held the suspense throughout until his epiphany on Christmas Day when he became a nice man. Crachit played by Joseph Wear, had that put upon feel to him and was suitably gracious when Scrooge allows him Christmas Day off. I liked Fred's rendition of "Come for Christmas Uncle" when he arrives to invite Scrooge for dinner. The scene In Scrooge's house when Marley comes to warn him "Link by Link" of his impending visitors was well done and  the subsequent visitations were well handled especially the arrival of Christmas Past (Marli Kiore). I liked the Ghouls and Demons. 

The scene at Mr Fezziwigs Ball was a good chorus number and young Scrooge (Joseph Wear) and Emily (Hope Stewart) were well matched. The volume from the chorus was tremendous and the choreography well rehearsed. 

The opening of Act Two with the visitation of Christmas Present was a good start to the act and Niamh Scott has a lovely voice. Her singing was excellent. The transition into the streets of London went well but there appeared to be a sound fault in the Graveyard scene which was almost done in silence and we missed some of the singing. However in saying that it worked well with the back lighting and the somber atmosphere as Christmas Future was showing Scrooge what was going to happen to him unless he changed his ways.

We are then transported back to Scrooge's house and his "Hear the Bells" was uplifting and of course it all turns out well in the end when he goes out and shares his wealth with others and especially the Crachit family. The finale numbers "Nothing to do with me". "Christmas Together" and "God Bless us Everyone" were all excellent and the chorus sent us home with a happy and enjoyable feeling that we had had a good time, which we did. 

Thank you Act 1 Youth. Another triumph and I look forward to coming to see you again in the future.