A Chorus of Disapproval

Date 16th November 2013
Society York Musical Theatre Company
Venue Joseph Rowntree Theatre York
Type of Production Play
Director Paul Laidlaw


Author: Geoffrey Haywood

It is most unusual to find a musical society turning to the field of drama, especially when chosing a play as complex as A Chorus of Disapproval. However York MTC gave such a complete and polished performance that one would have thought this was their normal genre.

A very simple open set with excellent changing helped to keep the action moving smoothly throughout  and this coupled with effective lighting gave the audience a superb afternoon's entertainment.

The cast were slick with their dialogue, kept in character and generally showed good liaison with each other.

Richard Bainbridge as Dafydd ap LLewellyn was indeed most noteworthy in his interpretation of this very large role, hardly being off the set during the whole play and maintaining a welsh accent with great aplomb.The other members of the cast. too numerous to mention, all gave sterling performances, showing the audience a great understanding of the play and never relaxing or going out of character. I can truly say that there was not a weak link in the cast and if this is the standard which they have achieved in their first foray into the drama side of theratre then I look forward to seeing their next production in this field.

Paul Laidlaw, the director has every reason to be proud of the society's endeavour, high standard and complete success with this play.