9 to 5 The musical

Date 28th April 2023
Society Llandudno Musical Productions
Venue Theatr Colwyn
Type of Production Musical
Director Jamie Toffrey
Musical Director Simone Baldwin


Author: Ian Wison on behalf of Lyn Emmerson

9 to 5 the musical is based on the Dolly Parton film of the same name about 3  put upon women        ( Violet, Doralee and Judy ) who work for an incorrigible boss and almost by accident manage to kidnap him and keep him tied to his bed while they make some changes around the office.

 We are immediately transported to the set of the offices of Consolidated companies Ltd where our story begins. We had preshow glimpses of the office workers getting ready for work before the show begins and even Dolly Parton herself up on screen to start us off with the title song which set the tone for the rest of the show. All the big chorus songs had you clapping along or tapping your toes with some lively choreography thrown in. A choreographer was not mentioned in the programme but they certainly brought all the songs to life.

 The three main characters Violet Newstead (Lara Crawford) Doralee Rhodes (Fran Cottingham) and Judy Bernly (Emma Joyce) excelled in their roles and had the audience with them every step of the way. There was a chemistry between the three of them that shone throughout. Their rendition of   the song ”I Just Might” gave me goose bumps with some powerhouse singing and emotive harmonies. There was some excellent company singing with many solo lines in the songs, which allowed individuals to show off their vocal talents.

 Other notable performances from Sam Highcock as the evil boss Franklin Hart. One of those characters you love to hate because he was so mean and nasty to the girls but gets his comeuppance in the end. Katie Glover as Roz, his secretary who worshipped her boss gave a lovely performance in her song “Heart to Hart”. Pryce Smith as Josh, Jane Toffrey as Margaret and Jamie Toffrey as Joe complemented this excellent cast. This was also Jamie’s directorial debut for the company, well done on a great achievement.

Prize for the I’ll get On Stage at Any cost award goes to Gavin Baldwin for his cameo performances throughout and also made an excellent Mr Tinsworthy.

Musical direction was under the capable hands of Simone Baldwin which showed in the presentation of all musical numbers with some excellent singing and beautiful harmonies. The back stage team was managed by Malc Anglesea and everything ran smoothly from where I was sitting.

Scene changes were simple but effective taking place in and around the Consolidated offices. I would like to have seen them lit and made part of the action instead of going into blackout. Lighting was appropriate throughout.

All in all a very enjoyable show, the audience loved it and were on their feet at the end clapping and cheering.

Thank you and well done every body.