42nd Street

Date 25th September 2019
Society Glenrothes Amateur Musical Association
Venue Rothes Halls, Glenrothes
Type of Production Musical
Director Carol Sinclair
Musical Director Peter Robinson
Choreographer Carol Sinclair, Iain Hughes


Author: Roger D Buist

This musical requires an all-dancing, all-singing company to perform this show successfully and requires a society with all these attributes, plus good singers and actors. Fortunately, GAMA did fill these musical requirements in all departments and this they proved to their audiences. Earlier this year, I saw the show on the London stage and GAMA, you were equally as good. This show is chockfull with well-known songs and melodies, many of which had the audience tapping their feet when Peter Robinson’s fine orchestra performed the show’s Overture ­– making it a great start to the evening. Charlie Sinclair totally stamped his authority in a commanding style and made an imposing Julian Marsh, the Pretty Lady show’s director, attempting to make the show’s hopeful newcomer, named Peggy Sawyer, into a star! Margaret MacKenzie excelled in the role of the fading and one-time star, spiteful, haughty, Dorothy Brock, throwing her star status around in many vindictive jibes, much to the consternation of all. But, when her come-uppance time arrived, she showed her star quality in her charming and famous About A Quarter To Nine song. Dorothy Brock has two men in her life –   real boyfriend, Pat Jennings (nicely played by Andrew Butchart), and her sugar daddy, the show’s financial backer Abner Dillon – and Glen McGill stood out in his role. In the role of Peggy Sawyer, Brogan Orkney made a tremendous showing - she had the qualities to carry off this role with ease in her acting, singing, and tap dancing, all of which was essential to bring this stage character to life. Brogan brought all these talents to the fore and, in doing so, proved to be a great leading lady. As the writers of the Pretty Lady show, Maggie Jones (Diane White) and Bert Barry (Derek Walker) showed their great theatrical comedy talent in their comic parts and their big musical number, Shuffle Off To Buffalo, where they were joined by Anytime Annie (Ann-Marie Miller) as the bride, all brought their special oomph to the number. Perfectly cast as Pretty Lady’s leading man was Colin Sutherland, who made a darn good job of the role of juvenile lead, Billy Lawler. And what a fantastic and powerful singing voice this young man possessed! It was a joy to listen to. Filling in the necessary, and varied, cameo roles, all expertly played, was Michael McLean (Andy Lee); Kathryn Kitchen (Phyllis Dale); and Brodi Orkney (Lorraine Fleming). The “glitz, glam, and glitter” songs, all beautifully costumed, were there to see in such musical numbers as We’re In The Money” and Dames and, the 42nd Street dance montage was well staged. And the entire company get full marks for their energetic, and frenetic tap-dancing routines, a much-required ingredient for this show’s success. And much energy was put into the ever-popular Lullabye Of Broadway song. The onstage Pretty Lady show turned out to be a success, and the same can be said of GAMA’s production of 42nd Street!