25 Not Out

Date 13th May 2015
Society Woodfield Entertainers
Venue Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall
Type of Production One act play and Musical revue
Director Denise Hillier and Tanya McArthur
Musical Director N/A
Choreographer N/A


Author: Gordon harris

I was privileged to be invited to attend a dress rehearsal, of “The woodies” latest production and their 25th year celebrations.

I keep asking myself is this a dress rehearsal or a performance?.

“25 Not out” was a well thought out, well-crafted piece of theatre.

Having some of the senior ladies open the show was a perfect appetizer, of what was to come, well-done ladies, you performed with a lot of theatrical poise and class.

The group started with a one act play “Edward” performed by 7 competent actresses, all were spot on in their performances, I only heard 3 prompts, for a dress rehearsal is exceptional Jenny,Sandra,Elaine,Amalee,George,Cara,and Denise. Told us of their love for “Edward’ with none of them winning out in the end., Director Denise Hillier took these ladies to a high standard in performance. Dominic Lawrence’s lighting was superb and spot on ! as was Alex Wilcocks sound. Stage manager Tracy Gillard gave us quick set changes and there was a few throughout.!!

Second half was put together by Tanya McArthur, Tanya’s choice of pieces to fill this spot was well thought through, from the beginning to the very nice ending of the whole company on stage singing, and sing they did!. I thought there could been more musical numbers in this part of the programme, but what there was, was well rehearsed. I particularly liked the girls in Optical Illusion Dance, also Kenny leading in California Dreaming, Kenny and Neil in My Blackberry has stopped working. Singing in the rain was glorious with those splendid colourful coats, berets, and umbrellas against the black tabs it looked and sounded terrific.

Thank you for inviting me and I’m still thinking” was this a dress rehearsal”, must have been as there was only two of us in the audience.. Good luck for the run.