Date 22nd June 2019
Society Civic Hall Amateur Players Society - Conwy
Director Keith Wood



This was a most unusual piece written by the Director: Keith Wood. Set in the year 2101, it commenced with a Newsreel followed by a Prologue featuring the Opening Credits. I must say the technical side of the whole show was excellent to say the least, with the small screen centre stage back which housed all the questions and answers. Narrator and D.A.V.E. were in the capable hands of Neil Foden, whose voice was clear as a bell throughout.

Dorothy Melish and Hal Melish who decided to explore space in their newly acquired R.V. were portrayed by Jenny Phillips and Martin Hill respectively, and their trip of a lifetime on their amazing ‘Star Cruiser 685’, through time and space was a result of their retirement. As I mentioned earlier, filming took a great part in this show, inside the supermarket, and inside the Melish’s R V. At the Callisto Station Club we were asked to ‘boo’ the acts that appeared at the club and throw empty cartons on to the stage. There was quite a bit of audience participation and they fully entered into each situation. There were many different characters, in fact too many to mention and many of the cast took more than one role.  Elizabeth Trotter – Margaret Norwood, Emma Roid – Linda Skuse and a host more. Sue Rogers portrayed Future Person 1, and Petra Thronglady, with Keith Wood as Future Person 2 as well as characterising Peregrine Pansy from the Band.

Full marks to Audio-Visual operator Dylan Jones, Keith Wood and Sian Lewis - Props, and Pete Bowyer – Lighting, for their efforts towards the production. As the piece progressed, the inclusion of a few Classical pieces were evident, and I understand Director Keith Wood had pulled out all the stops in seeking performing rights, which had been granted. This was quite an experience, one which the audience fully entered into, and I must congratulate C.H.A.P.S for being so enterprising in their choice of production. Thank you and I look forward to your Christmas production of Humpty Dumpty.