2019 spectacular 1001 Nights (and a matinee)

Date 11th January 2019
Society Bramrocks
Venue Margaret Mack Room, Rockland St Mary
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Carin Nutt
Musical Director Stephen Cox


Author: Susan dupont

1001 Nights as a version of Ali Baba plus, and very innovative and offering lots of roles for your small group and great fun.

In the title role of Ali, Rachel Hipperson had the looks and style, as did Rachel Wilkinson as Bob (the second princess) and she had to convert male/female interpretations with swift speed, and another stylish Princess as Jasmine from Jess Adby, nice to see these younger cast members coming up to standard.

Good support and take up on lines from Robert Coyle as Singbad the Sailor, a useful character. And one should not dismiss the contribution of the henchmen Luke Carter (another younger member coming on well) and Ken Holbeck who also did such an excellent job on painting the scenery which was most attractive and very eastern in style.

More experience shown in the bigger role of Grand Vizier from Clive Gordon, definitely a rather nasty character who wanted his way to steal the kingdom from the princess, worth all those boos.

Unusually a double-casting of the Dame owing to availability for rehearsals: I saw Stewart Thompson in the frock with the makeup and he was fine in the role of Dame Barber with all the usual traits and jokes in full spate. The second cast dame was present as prompt, cloth puller and generally making himself known and useful, David Middleton made his presence visible and audible. Understand two performances each which is great talent for society.

Great talent and experience shown to her usual high standard by Sandra Barker as Genie, glamourous and in control of the situation with her red ruby from the cave so that all ended well.

And of course we all enjoyed the camel as it chased round the stage and into the auditorium. Plus the skeletons: must be the thing this January as all pantomimes seem to have a skeleton dance!

A well received and much enjoyed family pantomime giving the village a great evening out.