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Contact us by email at or using the telephone advice line on 0345 257 6632 (local rate call).

Theatre is about fun, enjoyment and putting on a great show. It’s not about form filling and health and safety – we all do that in work and that is the last thing we want to do in our hobby!

However (and it’s a very big however), we’re sure you’d agree that everyone involved in your show, from your leading lady to that last minute audience member, all have the absolute right to enjoy the production without fear of accident, injury or worse.

NODASafe is here to help you achieve this goal, not by saying ‘No’ but by working with you to overcome your safety concerns and make your production better by making it safer.

NODASafe is a partnership between NODA and Health and Safety Mentor. HSM is run by people who understand theatre and have personal activity in the community theatre environment, so we know what pressures and challenges face NODA societies on a show-to-show basis. 

As part of your subscription to NODA, you are now able to access the services listed below from NODASafe.

There are certain aspects of theatre health and safety that you might need to look at that are not covered by your subscription service. However, NODASafe can provide these services to you, including discounted fire risk assessments, general risk assessments (for your rehearsal space or theatre), specific risk assessments and accident investigation visits.

For more information, please contact NODASafe on 0345 257 6632 or email