The 2023 National Drama Festival

The National Drama Festival – The Albany Theatre, Coventry (20-23 July)

Between Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon 15 amateur drama groups who've proven themselves to be 'the cream of amateur theatre' on the festival circuit within the British Isles this season will compete in front of a GoDA Adjudicator for one last time. The National Drama Festivals Association (NDFA) have chosen them because of the very high marks their productions have been awarded by GoDA Adjudicators over the past few months.

Three of the four Home Nations - England, Wales, and Northern Ireland - are represented in the line-up plus a team who are making the 3,000-mile round trip from Gibraltar and another from the northern European city of Bonn. In a further geographical spread, the English groups cover the entire country, from Durham in the north to Woking in the south.

If you take a look at the Running Order, you’ll see the list of plays and groups performing.

If you’re interested in watching quality drama, then please consider coming along.  The NDFA have put together a very attractive pricing structure, to help promote amateur theatre far-and-wide!

And what's more, they've just added a couple of 'Studio Spotlight' sessions: 45 minute sessions free to anyone attending the festival:

Getting under the skin of the GoDA marking system for festival plays

The self-penned Play (with a script-in-hand performance of ‘Even Numbers’ by Tony Domaille, the winner of the Derek Jacobi Playwriting Award) See for all the information.