Sudbury Dramatic Society's For Services Rendered

 Sudbury Dramatic Society’s March production got in just before lockdown - and quite appropriate too..  'For Services Rendered' about the fallout from the 1st World War! raised £207.42 for the British Legion Poppy Appeal but.. then….curtain down and theatre closed… with the next play in rehearsal, another auditioned and cast, and two more productions in planning, not to forget christmas panto being plotted. From an actively busy society to nothing... But….. did they despair!  A resounding No! was echoed loudly from Sara Knight, Committee Secretary of Sudbury Dramatic Society who said “Our techies decided WebEx was the main platform for us to use, and so far we have had three committee meetings (I can share the minutes and the agenda on the screen and still see everyone.) A weekly play reading with a membership group called ‘The Armchair Players’, and we updated our Facebook page to attract old and new members to join in the fun, reminiscences and gossip.  Sara says “we do a lot of plays per year at least 5 plus a panto so we started with plays we were considering for the 2021 season; Pygmalion and Comedy of Errors (a long night, that one) then ‘home-grown’ scripts that authors could share electronically, and with WebEx it is very easy, page by page – ‘Puss in Boots’, ‘The Warden’, ‘Scott of the Antarctic’ have all flowed faultlessly and if  you can download a script for free that is all to the good.

We also encourage members to join us in our ‘Virtual Bar’ on alternate Sunday lunchtimes, this includes a quiz but more importantly replicates our post-rehearsal get together and for the uncertain future?”

Sara is confident that the group will be experimenting with their own online plays  and planning socially distanced productions in conjunction with their local Quay Theatre so the show will go on and as Sara says “old thesps never die, they just change their platforms!