PMLL - Amateur Group Singing Licence

An easy way for your Amateur Theatre group to legally copy music for Variety Shows.

Amateur Group Singing Licence – Just Launched! PMLL and NODA have been working together for the last 12 months to create a licence that will not only ensure societies are covered legally for photocopying but also, to make it as cost effective for all groups.

The Amateur Group Singing Licence allows amateur theatre group members to make photocopies of works and also permits minor arrangements (e.g. change of key) to suit the voices of the group. The licence is applicable where an amateur theatre group is copying music used in the rehearsal and performance of a Variety Show or similar (as part of the Amateur Theatre activities).

What can amateur groups do with the licence?

With the PMLL Amateur Group Singing Licence you can easily and legally make copies of songs without contacting publishers individually (please check the publisher list to find out which publishers are included in this licence). This licence does not cover the copying or performance of whole musicals, permission for this would need to be obtained direct from the publisher.

Why was the licence created?

We wanted to simplify the licensing process for groups whilst working with music publishers to ensure songwriters and composers are fairly paid.

How much will it cost?

Pricing is tailored to the size of your group and how many songs you want to sing.

£2.50 (+VAT) 1 copy per member of up to 5 Licensed Works

£5.00 (+VAT) 1 copy per member of up to 10 Licensed Works

£10.00 (+VAT) 1 copy per member of up to 25 Licensed Works

£15.00 (+VAT) 1 copy per member of up to 50 Licensed Works

Where can we find out more and sign up?

Please contact PMLL to register your interest.

Do I need to report what I have copied?

Yes, it is essential that we receive information on works copied under the licence. This ensures that we can pay the correct publishers who in turn pay monies to the writers and composers of the works.

What does the licence cover?

The Amateur Group Singing Licence (AGSL) allows members of an Amateur Theatre group to make copies of music for Variety Shows. The licence is only applicable for Variety Shows, it does not cover the copying of music for Musicals or plays that you have obtained performance rights for.

Does this cover sheet music from all publishers?

No, there are some titles and publishers excluded from this list. Please check our website for the latest list.

For more information and to take out your license, visit