2020 will be the first time in 52 years that The Lowestoft Players haven't performed their annual pantomime, so we thought we would take a nostalgic look back at over 50 years of Pantomime Magic to remember what we are missing in our 'GRAND FINALE' Gallery:

The Players have been so lucky over the years to have a fabulous wardrobe team that year upon year come up with the most spectacular and often outrageous costumes. Did you know that on average our pantomime dames wear at least 12 different costumes every performance?  Here are just a few of the creations that have graced the stages of our first home at the Sparrow's Nest Theatre and in recent years the lovely Marina Theatre:

Did you know that every one of the Players pantomimes has finished with the same song.... 'PANTOMIME'? It has become their very own anthem to which our regular audiences sing along with us:


So, we look forward to dusting away the cobwebs as the rehearsal studio resounds with song, dance and laughter as we prepare to celebrate the 'MAGIC of LIVE THEATRE!' with the Lowestoft Players rescheduled pantomime ''BEAUTY and the BEAST" booked to appear in January 2022 at the Marina Theatre in Lowestoft Suffolk.