NODA Youth Coordinators

Twelve months ago the Association appointed Mike Mullen as Youth Co-ordinator, a title chosen because it better reflected the role we wished him to play. Most Youth Societies and Societies with Youth sections or involvement do not need an outside advisor telling them what to do, they already know, they may on an occasion require to have a sounding board.


We have learned in council that there is a lot of work going on within regions in support of youth and it seems more productive to co-ordinate this effort both regionally and nationally and act as a conduit for co-operation or joint ventures in training as opposed to trying to reinvent a wheel.


Mike Mullen has been in discussion with the Regional Youth Advisors and out of these discussions it became apparent that the guidelines under which Youth Advisors operated and their title did not readily translate into the action and aspirations expected of them


At recent Council Meetings, Council have looked at the Guidelines and taking into account the comments from our youth advisors have now prepared a Role Profile for Regional Youth Coordinators, a combination of aspiration and guidelines on how to operate.


With effect from the National AGM, Regional Youth Advisors will be known as Regional Youth Coordinators, they will be appointed to their Regional Committees in the same manner as Secretaries and Treasurers and will no longer be “add on” co-opted members. As such they will have their own distinctive regalia for use on formal occasions which will describe them as “Youth Coordinator” it will be similar to that of a Regional Representative except that the colour on the device will be green and will have a green ribbon. It is planned that the device can also be worn as a lapel badge or brooch.


The above moves will allow our youth connections to improve both regionally and nationally leading to the production of a strategy where NODA is actively seen to sustainably support future youth theatre development.


Michael Hastilow

Chairman of Trustees

National Operatic and Dramatic Association