MARDLING* THE TIME AWAY - A ‘Lockdown’ Summer

Oh what a beautiful morning... oh what a beautiful day” may not be Sunshine on Leith but here in Norfolk Me and My girl have been busy every day from 9 to 5

After a good and hearty Breakfast (At Tiffanys), we enjoyed working hard to the Sound of Music and All that Jazz on the radio.  Even in Stormy Weather you’d hear us Singing in the Rain, as we Whistle Down the Wind feeling ever optimistic that The Sun will come out Tomorrow so we can Paint (y)Our Wagon and the garden fence. Even our dog Tommy learned new tricks; we’re thinking about changing his name to Barnum, he’s sure to be spectacular at Christmas. Carol, our friend and her neighbour Joseph, were impressed when they saw him from their Room, with a View of our garden.

The family keep in touch on Skype, Granddaughter Matilda and The Boyfriend, Billy Elliot have a Wicked sense of humour. She is a  real Funny Girl, you could say a Thoroughly Modern Millie, she’ll say to my wife Hello Dolly, you can Call Me Madam...cheeky monkey, but, then you could say Anything Goes at Our House.   The grandkids are not Bad Girls, so When The Lights Go On Again and this year fades into Memory we will take them on a Summer Holiday to the South Pacific...but not without raiding the Rent, though. 

So, like a lot of people in early lockdown, we were short of toilet rolls, masks and hand gel, but worse was our shortage of Food Glorious Food.  We ate Spamalot and had too many Salad Days, but never went without apples… cox’s Pippin are my favorite.  My biggest problem though was the length of my Hair, the lack of a cut is a Titanic problem; Hairspray just wouldn’t cut it and yes I did try Grease.  My Italian cousin who is the Barber of Seville, (and calls himself Sweeney Todd) shouted "Mama Mia"..when we met up on Zoom…he cried "A(h)gen(tle)Tina” (he always forgets my name) “your-a hair, it-a looks-a bit-a Tangled". 

When this panto... er pando is over, it’s going to be Some Enchanted Evening!...I’ll take My Fair Lady to the White Horse Inn for a meal where The Entertainer will play A Little Night Music with the Fiddler On The Roof,  then afterwards we will ride the Carousel and enjoy All the fun of the fair as Merrily, we roll along home.

But for now I’d better get my coat and walk down Avenue Q to 42nd Street for an hour’s exercise. I really enjoy a Sunday in the Park with George even though his dog Oliver will chase Cats and run Into the Woods; but at least it gets me out of Our House for exercise..     

Well I’d better get the kettle on… Fing’s Ain’t Wot They Used To Be but when this Nunsense is over we’ll be Footloose and fancy free, not too much mind or the wife will be saying Divorce Me Darling…meanwhile let's all sing along with social media and look forward to virtual Fame and more musicals! ..all this time on my hands has been some Spring Awakening….Life is a Pantomime old son! Roll on the Cabaret.

Submitted by a retired NODA East rep (TJR District 6)
*To Mardle/Mardling - Norfolk speak for gossip or chat. This is something old Sheringham fishermen used to do (and perhaps do still) under the town clock on a Sunday morning.