Footloose - Bootcamp


Auditions are aFOOT! (expect more foot puns throughout...)

We're hosting open auditions for our 2018 production of 'Footloose' The Musical, and we want you to come and join the fun. FEETuring songs made famous by Kenny Loggins, Bonnie Tyler, and Deniece Williams this show will TOE-tally blow you away.

To request an audition pack - which includes character breakdowns, audition and boot camp info - please email or message the BLOC company Facebook page


JUNE 10th & 11th - Bootcamp 

This isn't as intense as it sounds! You will only be required to attend on one of the days, and only for a maximum of 2/3 hours depending on what you want to audition for - This is an opportunity to learn dance and music so you can put your best FOOT forward. Your performance will not be assessed at bootcamp stage, so don't stress about being perfect.

JUNE 17th & 18th - AUDITIONS 

Your dialogue audition will only last around 10 minutes, and dance auditions are performed as a group (please refer to auditions pack for more details) - once you have emailed to request an audition, you will be offered a time slot on either the Saturday or Sunday.

MARCH 14th - 17th 2018 - SHOW WEEK 

Footloose is a riot for cast and audiences alike, providing great opportunities for acting, singing, and dancing - but don't worry! Despite being a show about the right to dance, we make a point of staggering choreography to make the entire show accessible, even if you have two left FEET. 

TO SIGN UP FOR AN AUDITION PLEASE EMAIL - just let us know what part you'd like to audition for! 

PLEASE NOTE: If you signed up for an audition at the welcome meeting, there is no need to email us again. Audition emails will be sent out no earlier than week beginning 29th May so don't panic if you haven't heard yet!