Exciting Show Announcement

ACAOS are absolutely thrilled to share with you some super exciting announcements for our upcoming productions... fasten your seatbelts because this is a triple whammy that even we can’t still quite believe!

For MARCH 2019 we will be the first ever amateur adult club in this NODA region to be granted the elusive rights to the sensational... 


This is without doubt one of the most vibrant, riveting, feel-good family musicals that we are honoured, and unbelievably excited, to bring to life on stage!

But before we start memorising all the colours of the rainbow let’s hit you with another reveal...

For SEPTEMBER 2018 we will be taking our production on the road to a temporary home in Motherwell Civic to perform none other than the gritty and emotional cult 90's favourite... RENT.

Are you still with us?! Because let’s not forget that before the whirlwind of Rent and Joseph begins, tickets are already on sale for our MARCH 2018 SHOW - THE WEDDING SINGER.

Goodness me, are we good to you musical fans or are we good to you?! 

We hope you are all as enthusiastic as we are about this phenomenal trio of theatrical favourites that we will be bringing to our much loved audiences - and remember if you want to join in the madness and fun that is ACAOS for 'RENT' or 'Joseph' then our arms are always wide open to welcome new members!

Get your tickets NOW for 
The Wedding Singer at acaos.co.uk