Digswell’s Murder Mystery on YouTube

The Digswell Players have made a valiant effort to keep their members and followers entertained during Covid by performing a murder mystery over a period of three episodes on YouTube.

Written and produced by Mary Portalska, it has proved to be a hit with viewers.

Mary started writing this murder mystery as an experimental lockdown project, thinking how hard could it be? The answer was harder than she thought, given that she had plot points to squeeze in and limitations on length of dialogue!  All the actors filmed their parts individually in isolation, with their lines then edited together, which was a mammoth task in itself. 

The cast said they all really enjoyed being involved and throwing themselves into their characters. They all provided their own costume and props and generally followed her instructions! 

 Lucy Portalska edited the whole performance together and Ethan Baskerville composed the original music. 

This was an outstanding effort to keep both Digswell’s members and their supporters entertained during this difficult time. Congratulations Digswell.