COVID-19 Advice

Over the past few weeks, guidance on the return to rehearsals and performing has been updated by the Scottish Government and NODA Scotland has sent out a number of emails highlighting these changes.

We thought it might be useful to bring the various documents together in 1 place along with hyper links to ensure you can easily refer to the most up to date version of the guidance as it is inevitable there will be further changes over the coming months.

As always, the NODA Scotland Councillor or your Regional Rep are available should you have any further questions or need clarity on any specific issues.

We are also in the process of contacting the new Cabinet Secretary with responsibility for culture, Angus Robertson MSP, to highlight the importance of amateur theatre and to try and arrange a meeting to seek further support for the sector as we continue the journey back to rehearsals and ultimately performing to a live audience once again.

NODA Guidance

Back to Stage – produced by NODASafe this is a document to get you in the frame of mind to help you in going back into the theatre and/or rehearsal space and provides help with preparing all the necessary risk assessments to allow you to do this safely and in line with current guidelines

Scottish Government Guidance – Amateur Theatre

Scottish Government Guidance – Youth Theatre