BOS in Lockdown

When the curtain fell with no date to rise, 

When the stage door closes and the music dies, 

When the singer can’t sing and the actor can’t act,

We found a way to perform, it was an inevitable fact.


It was like a loss, initially we mourned, 

A big part of our life had gone, but no one was scorned

We quickly regrouped and we all went remote

Sing-a-longs and dance classes kept morale afloat.


Facebook Live became our platform of choice

Where we practised our dance moves and exercised our voice

The committee had Zoom meetings, there was much to discuss,

Refunding and rescheduling, but they made no fuss


The weeks continued and out show week drew near

It’s fair to say that a few members shed a tear

But we rallied again, had a show themed quiz

And three talented members worked like a whiz


They got people singing in their homes all alone

Some singing on tablet, some singing on their phone

They blended and edited and made us all sync

And a video was created and shared in a link.

We were apart, but together – as the phrase goes

Because we at Brentwood are a family, as everyone knows.