Where is the members’ area?
There is no longer one specific area on the website that only members can access. Instead, all the pages that were previously in the members’ area can be seen in the main menu, underneath ‘Member Benefits’. If you’re affiliated to a society or you’re an individual member and you are logged into the site you will be able to click on the pages and view the content. If you are not a member, or you are not logged in, when you click on the page you’ll see a message explaining that this content is for members only.

I can’t find what I’m looking for!
Just use the search box at the top of the menu. Simply type in a couple of keywords about the thing you’re looking for and choose your page from the list of results.

How do I share pages to my Facebook or Twitter?
You can now easily share pages from the site, including show reports and news to your social media accounts. When you’re using the website on a computer just click on the icon at the right hand edge of the page (at bottom of the page on phones) to quickly share to Facebook, Twitter or other sharing platforms.

How you can help us
We need you to help us keep the website up to date and accurate.
We want to make sure we’ve got all your details stored correctly and we also want to know when you’re performing!
Use our handy step by step guide to get online and keep us up to date.

Step by step guide – getting to grips with the new website

1) Register with the site

The first thing you need to do is register with the new site. Even if you were registered with the old site you will need to do this again because we have changed the way the site links to our database – don’t worry it’s quick and very easy.

One thing to note: make sure when you register you use the exact details we have on record for you. If you don’t register with the email address and surname we hold on file for you, the database won’t link you up and you might not have all the permissions you need to get going! 

There are two levels of registration on the site.

a) If you are an individual member or hold the membership details for your society, registering will allow you access to update your show listings and society or individual details.

b) If you are not a member, registering on the site will not give you membership to NODA, or access to the members only material, but it will allow you to book onto summer school courses, buy products from the shop, and give you easy access to apply online to become a NODA member.

2) Check and update your society details.

When you register for the site, we’ll link your account to your society's so that when you log in you’ll just need to click ‘My account’ and then the ‘My societies’ tab. Click ‘log in’ next to your society’s name and you will be automatically logged in as your society. You can update your society contact details in the ‘My details’ tab at the top. Remember to save all your changes. To return to using the site as yourself, rather than your society, simply click ‘log out’.

3) Add a show to the What’s On guide.

Let us know what you’re staging next! Log in as your society (or as an individual or joint member) and click on the shows/events tab at the top of the page. Click ‘Add new’ and fill out the form with the details of your upcoming shows.

4) Find your show reports

Simply click on ‘Regions’ in the menu and select your area, then click on the ‘Reports’ tab at the top of the page. All reports are listed in date order. Don’t forget to share your reports to social media so everyone can read your reports!

You can also find details about your regional committee, read news from your region and browse a list of societies near you using the tabs in your regional section.

Need some help?

Don’t panic. If it’s all a bit much and you’re not sure where to start, just get in touch!

You can email us at info@noda.org.uk call us on 01733 374790 and we’ll help you out.