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When We Are Married


15th March 2018 - 24th March 2018


Droitwich Theatre & Arts Club Ltd (Norbury Theatre)


The Norbury Theatre
Friar Street
Droitwich Spa


A group of three couples, old friends and all married on the same day, in the same chapel, by the same parson gathers at the Helliwells’ home to celebrate 25 years of blissful matrimony. The happy celebrations are brought to a halt by a shocking revelation – the discovery that they are not legally married, each couple initially reacts with proper Victorian horror – what will the neighbours think? – these pillars of the community find themselves re-evaluating their marriages. As the home truths fly like confetti and conjugal rites turn to farcical fights, an evening of sparkling comic mayhem erupts.  Hovering closely over the proceedings is; the Yorkshire Argus' alcohol-soaked photographer, keen to record the evening's events for posterity, a wickedly destructive housekeeper who is hoping to use the couples' mortification to her own advantage and a doorbell that won’t stop ringing – can the three couples keep a lid on their embarrassing secret. Penned in 1938 (this is the 70th Anniversary of the first performance) this is a classic comedy that is blessed by the union of laughs and surprise. In the end, of course, everything turns out ….. well that’s for you to find out!