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You're Only Young Twice


18th April 2012


Whitechapel Players


Whitechapel Village Hall, Preston

Type of Production



Freda Tillotson


Author: Christine Hunter Hughes

It’s a familiar story and every parent knows what 'that difficult stage' is like - when the kids are staying out until all hours, playing their music too loud and spending most of the day in bed. Sue and Richard have all these problems, but not with their children - with Sue's Dad – Brooksie, a recent widower, and 'his gang' - three 60 something year olds - who are recapturing their youth – with almost as many problems as they had the first time they lived it. Seeking approval from his late wife throughout, we see Brooksie forging himself a new life whilst nearly getting barred from the Over 60s Club in the process!

As always with this society I must extend my heartiest congratulations on the set – which was superb. Even more impressive when you bear in mind that before they can start constructing a set they have to build an extension to the stage!

A further congratulation to the whole cast – whose diction was very good – I heard every word – including the asides so we were able to fully enjoy the humour of the play – and there were very many laugh out loud moments.

I was also very impressed with the lighting for ‘the ghost’ which worked really well. Sound effects seemed a little loud – but exactly on cue.

It is a very funny play which really needs lots pace to fully do it justice and some unfortunate memory lapses did not help. That said, I did go on the opening night and I feel sure that accounted for it.

There were some good characterisations from the cast of 7 and everyone looked and sounded the part. Costumes were appropriate and worn well.

This society is always well supported – and this was no exception – even with the competition of a football match. The almost capacity audience seemed to identify with the play, where laughter abounds, mixed with moments of pathos and I feel sure that we all left the theatre feeling all the better for it.