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Will Any Gentleman?


25th May 2011


Preston Drama Club


The Playhouse, Preston, Lancashire

Type of Production



Tony and Margie Shaw


Author: Eddie Regan

Having been a fan of farce for many years I was looking forward to this production of “Will Any Gentleman?”. This play was new to me so I had no preconceived ideas about the plot or characters. There was a fascinating opening with a hypnotist asking the question “Will Any Gentleman?” volunteer to come on stage?

The leading man, mild, meek mannered, was hypnotised and the complete opposite character emerged. From then the alter egos appeared at irregular intervals, causing hilarious situations.

The play was set in the 50s and costumes and set reflected this period well.
With farce it is essential that action and dialogue move at pace. I felt that this did not happen for most of the time and only occasionally were things up to necessary tempo.
This resulted in a rather protracted performance.

Many excellent characters were on show but two, Alban Dorning, Dr Smith and Clare Corley, Beryl, the maid, were outstanding. They had the audience, myself included, crying with laughter at their antics.

Preston Drama Club has a reputation of producing great entertainment and this was no exception and I look forward to my next visit. Thank you to you all for your hospitality and welcome on my first visit as Regional Representative.