What is this thing called Love ?

Date 17th May 2018
Society Pattingham Drama Group
Venue Pattingham Village Hall
Type of Production Drama
Director Chris Fawson
Producer Kate Hore


Author: Jean Beard

You can never be complacent when attending a production by Pattingham Drama Group because you never know what awaits you. This production was completely different from anything I have ever seen. It made me laugh, think, touched the heart strings and one item even made me cry, so many emotions in one evening. Let me explain: A perfect summers evening in the week of the Royal Wedding. What could be more appropriate than a production called “What is this thing called Love?” Various aspects of love were looked at beginning with the prologue, “A Description of Love.” Then began the journey through Children, Young Love, Frustration, The Brink of Matrimony and the Enjoyment of Love covered during Act 1. The question continued in Act 2 and the themes covered Marriage, Enduring Love, Fatal Love, Disillusion and Last Confessions, and finally back to the beginning with “A Description of Love.” Did the audience arrive at an answer to the original question? I would think you would get as many explanations of Love as there were members in the audience. 13 members of the Group sang, recited, quoted a wide range of Love elements with items from the works of Elton John, Ogden Nash, Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, William Shakespeare, Mick Jagger, D H Lawrence and Lennon & McCartney to name but a few. No stone was left unturned in their search for an answer to the question. The cast were not identified by name for the items just the author of the work. The audience were seated cabaret style and there were 3 stages set around the room and the actors moved around. When it came to the songs these were performed as solos by a young man with a guitar, apart from a company song “When I Was A Little Wolf Cub” This was an evening to sit back and enjoy being entertained but there were also some very moving moments and an evening that will be remembered by many for a long time. Patingham D G are to be congratulated on this very bold production. I am sure it was not everyone’s cup of tea but it certainly pushed the boundaries and illustrated another aspect of music and drama.