Date 28th September 2017
Society Acorn Theatre Company
Type of Production Musical
Director Cevin Barker
Musical Director John Turnbull
Choreographer Sarah Barker


Author: NOEL G. RIGG

This was a fine production of West Side Story by Acorn Youth Theatre Company with so much to admire from a well organised team. The casting was strong in all of the principal roles. Jordan Barker (Riff) the leader of the Jets gang gave a strong confident performance in both singing and acting and was well supported by his fellow gang members. Taran Jones (Bernardo) the Shark gang leader gave us a very fiery portrayal that was most appropriate for this role. Sophie Golby (Anita) another star performer who sung well and acted with a strong passion that the role so much requires. As always in West Side Story the leading roles of Maria (Emma Wilby) and Tony (Connor Baldwin) are most vital for a successful production, it is doubtful that Acorn could have chosen better for these roles, they both sung and acted the love scenes with total conviction, Maria's singing was simply fantastic for a14 year old they were both simply brilliant. The excellent choreography and a most suitable set did much to enhance this fine show as did the very well controlled orchestra.